Did I get the Tickets?

I kid you not my palms were sweaty right before the Coachella tickets went on sale yesterday. I kept remembering the Eminem song “knees weak palms are sweaty.” I hadn’t been nervous like that in a long time. I really wanted tickets though. Right at 10 am (when the tickets went on sale) Layla asked me something and distracted me. I right away said, “sorry babe I can’t talk right now” and quickly hit the link to buy tickets on Coachella.com

I was 30 seconds too late.

They had me wait for 2 hours online in queue just to find out they were sold out.

So I went to vividseats.com and purchased my tickets there. Yes they were absurdly more expensive- as someone who likes to save money it really irks me to pay more than I have to but I felt I had no choice. It’s my dream to go to Coachella and I wanted to make sure that I’m absolutely going.

So YES I GOT TICKETS. Erm…over priced but I got them! Haha.

I could’ve waited for next year in January for their official tickets sale but they’ll most likely sell out in seconds just like they did for their pre sale. I’m sure there’s always someone trying to re sell their tickets at a more expensive rate but I’d rather not wait last minute and have to pay even more money as the tickets only get more expensive the more you wait. Im just happy I have peace of mind now that I have my tickets.

I’m going to invite a lot of my friends and hopefully – fingers crossed – they’re able to get some tickets either through the official sale next year or re-sale.

The line up of singers is still to be announced but it only gets more amazing every year. I’m sure I’ll have a mini heart attack of joy when I see their line up in January. They always bring the best artists, the best food trucks, amazing art sculptures, and they have a Ferris wheel on location. I also want to throw a pool party at our place on one of the nights.

I would invite the whole world if I could but I know I probably shouldn’t haha… Anyway, if any of you are going to Coachella 2022 let me know! I’d love to meet you there.

Thanks for reading,