Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

If you’re like me and you like putting Easter baskets together for your girl(s) here are some ideas to make it a great basket they’ll really enjoy.

Let’s get started. So this bubble gum pink Basket is from TARGET but I got my baskets from WALMART last year as well as this year (If you want to go up a notch or two, POTTERY BARN has some amazing ones.) If you’re feeling extra creative PINTEREST teaches you how to add floral arrangements to them.

I like to buy high end candy for the baskets – I spend about $20 on their basket candy. It’s less candy, higher quality, but my kids don’t eat too much candy anyway so this works for us.

Does high end Candy taste better? OH YEAH.

I always add a plushie in their basket. Disney has cute Minnie and Mickey plushies but if you want a more affordable option WALMART has full size plushies for $5 each.

Girls love lipgloss so a cute sparkly set will make them smile – TARGET has some really cute lipgloss sets for girls.

Throw in some cute bath bombs from TARGET

Add a pair of Jelly Sandals – these are $9 at Old Navy

A Bathing suit from TARGET

A new book is nice to throw into their basket. This is from AMAZON. You can grab children’s books from WALMART, TARGET or BARNES & NOBLES. Some are $3 – $5 in the clearance section.

I like to buy my girls their favorite DVDs – it’s always exciting to have a movie to look forward to.

Cute sunnies – these are from TARGET. There’s also a good selection of affordable & stylish sunnies on AMAZON.

Crayons & glitter ?? YES please. You can find these at WALMART.

You want to finish off by wrapping the basket in cellophane wrap – you can get the wrap at WALMART or TARGET.

Add a gift bow to the top of the cellophane wrap and you’re done. You’ll have a beautiful basket that looks like it’s from the store but much more exciting.

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