What my life is like

Everyone’s life is a little different. Sometimes I’m fascinated when I watch movies and see how most people aren’t juggling a million things through out their day. They have a few things they focus on.

I have a To-Do list that I swear by so I don’t forget anything. My life is a combination of me cleaning our house, doing laundry, fixing anything from a clogged drain to low shower water pressure to a noisy furnace, taking care of my moms health, Layla’s health, Sophie’s health, providing for my family financially, going through the bills and fixing anything necessary, helping my dad with anything he needs internet or billing wise, helping my cousin with his business, and pursuing my own dreams and goals.

Sometimes I think how bizarre it is to do all of that usually in the same day.

A friend once recommended the movie “Joy” to me and told me she felt that was my life. I watched it in shock … because it was almost exactly my life in a movie.

I don’t complain though. I thank God for my good health and the drive to get things done.

My mom helps me out by washing dishes and cooking meals most of the time. That’s as much as she’s willing to do and I’m ok with that. She’s told me before that she isn’t a “home cleaning and organizing” type of person nor a “handy man”. Neither was my dad. They let me do all of it since I was 18 including all the furnishing and decorating.

I used to have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that neither one was into anything home related. Then I accepted it.

Thank God I found out about Marie Kondo in 2016 – she’s helped turn our house into what it is today – and although It has taken YEARS to fully declutter our house we’re finally getting to the point where it feels clean, minimal and organized.

You know what’s a turning point for me lately? I don’t get the impulse to shop anymore. At all. I used to buy a lot of things out of impulse… and for the dopamine hit. Then I realized I don’t need a lot. It’s almost weird when you no longer have a shopping addiction but I guess that means I’ve reached a new growth mindset.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ll still buy something here or there but it has to be Marie Kondo approved. It has to bring me joy and be something I’ll really get a lot of use out of.

Favorite song right now is “Save your tears” by The Weeknd, and favorite show is “Behind her eyes” on Netflix. My mom and I watch it together in the evenings. I look forward to that time. It’s when I get to unwind a little from my hectic schedule. I usually get a bag of chips and a mason jar filled with my favorite soda. I’m not healthy all the time – balance Ha-ha.

I have to say I was inspired by the actress in the show to cut my hair. She has a nice soft bob but I’m gonna go for more of an angled blunt cut.

I’ve always wanted one of those hair cuts and I feel I’m ready for it more than ever. I also love that I have a hairstylist who’s literally gifted. I almost want to schedule an appointment with her tomorrow.

Anyway, something semi exciting happened last night…. I was scrolling through the Target app to see if they had anymore cute matching sweatshirt & short sets (I love those so much) and OMG I saw that they posted my picture wearing one of their sets! So before Instagram disabled my account, Target had reached out to me and said they loved the photos I posted wearing their clothes and asked if they could use it. I said yes – duh – and a day later my Instagram was disabled so I had no idea if they had used my photo or not … but they did indeed. I showed my mom today and she looked really proud. It was a cool moment to see my picture on the Target app. They haven’t updated their website yet but it’s definitely on the app if you look for “women’s reversible fleece sweatshirt”. Anyway, no biggie. I’m on the Target App repping their clothes but ya know… I’m still Jenny from the block. Or Denise from the country HA-Ha.

Anyway, may God & the Angels bless all of you. I hope you find some form of inspiration, or use from my blog posts. I aim to please !

Thanks for reading,


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