Energy & Homeless people

You know I can actually write a whole book of what happens to me everyday ? It’s weird isn’t it? I have to hold myself back and keep these posts short though ha-ha.

It’s like something bursting inside of me though, wanting to get it all out in written form.

Anyway, yesterday I stopped by Wal-Mart and the Outlets afterwards. I noticed people gravitating towards me as if they notice my energy even from far away. They stare and some say hello. They seem to get infected with some type of positive energy after our short exchange. It’s really quite odd to me.

Especially since I wasn’t dressed up at all. I was wearing a big t-shirt, shorts, sandals, and my hair and makeup were very minimal. I feel it’s mostly my energy people notice. Which is odd because for so long I lived unaware of this.

I stopped at Aunty Anne’s at the outlets and got a pretzel and peach mango smoothie. I walked over to the water fountain and picked a bench to sit on. Right in front of me was a homeless man taking coins out from the fountain. He had a scraggly beard and small caring eyes. He looked at me and I sensed a bit of shame / guilt. Was I judging him ? Is what I felt he wondered. I wanted to tell him that I didn’t judge him at all. In fact, someone takes those coins from the fountains and cleans it monthly anyway. So I allow Layla to take whatever coins she wants when we pass by a fountain.

Layla has had a fascination with taking coins from fountains for a few years now. I allow it despite the looks other parents give me sometimes. Layla knows that someone else will take the coins anyway to clean the fountain monthly, and a prayer and hard work is much better than a wish.

I figured the homeless man would feel I wasn’t judging him simply from feeling my energy. So I sat there basking in the warm sunny weather, taking bites of my delicious pretzel and enjoying being alive.

He circled the fountain until he had a handful of coins in his hand. Then he picked up his backpack to leave but before he left he turned to me, and asked “Is that pretzel good!?”

“Oh yeah!!” I smiled at him. He smiled back with a glow on his cheeks and said “Have a good day!” before walking off.

He knew I didn’t judge him. Just the opposite, I think he felt my acceptance, and I was glad. Energy is a funny thing.

I have to say California, at least the part I live in, has some sophisticated homeless people. This man had shopping bags and was probably heading to Auntie Anne’s with the money he got from the water Fountain.

Was he actually homeless ? Well he had old dirty clothes on and looked like he could use a nice warm shower. So most likely yes.

It reminds me of the time my younger brother stood outside of a truck stop in mismatched clothes and held out an empty cup. He didn’t have the best fashion sense back then and he had just finished his drink as he waited for my mom to pick him up. Someone thought he was homeless though and dropped a $20 bill in his cup before walking away. My brother couldn’t even tell them he wasn’t homeless. He was too shocked. I still laugh about it all these years later.

Anyway, I love homeless people. They have a soft spot in my heart. This world is hard and the system is rigged. It’s usually not a homeless persons fault to be in that situation. So I empathize. Sometimes even giving them a sincere smile is nice. It lets them know they’re seen. They’re real. They’re not the forgotten people of the world.

Thanks for reading,


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