My Instagram is Disabled

Why did Instagram disable my account? I don’t know. I’m trying to get it back (fingers crossed!) but I don’t know when I’ll be able to log back in.

Its sorta weird not having my Instagram account. I DONT KNOW WHAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE DOING!! Its driving me nuts. Just kidding ha-ha. I mostly had my Instagram for the aesthetics of it: Pretty pictures, “INSPO”, whats “in”, funny memes, Daily News, helpful posts, That sort of thing. I built relationships with my Instagram friends too though and I miss them. The worst part of having my account disabled is everyone thinking I must’ve blocked them since a disabled account looks so similar to the one you see when you’ve been blocked by someone. UGH. I feel so bad if my friends think I blocked them.

Anyway, In the past week there are several note worthy things to write about. One of them being… I got the IPHONE 12 PRO MAX a few days ago. Im sorta geeking out and I cant even tell anyone about it! Its killing me ha-ha. Is it everything you could want in a phone ? UHHHH YUSSSSHHHHH. *Insert emoji heart eyes.

This makes me want to go down “phone memory lane” really quick. My first cell phone ever was a Motorola rugged flip phone. I was an 18 year old girl into pink things and lip gloss and this phone was chunky, rugged, black and yellow. NOT cute. My dad handed it to me one day when he picked me up from work. He he was paying for my line so I couldn’t complain much. Actually I was pretty stoked. I would text my friends non stop and play the snake game all night long.

Eventually, I upgraded to an “LG Voyager” years later. That was my first cool phone. How did it feel to finally have a cool phone ? Well lets just say you never forget the feeling. It was one of the first touch screen phones in 2008 and it made people go “oooh” and “ahhh” when they saw it. I might even say it was a sexy phone. I was so sad when I sold it.

In 2009 I got the T-mobile Sidekick LX and OHMYGOD. I was more excited than 10 fat kids that love cake. I mean, if you had a Sidekick…hear me out here…Im even gonna whisper for this part…you were part of this historic sidekick user club. EVERYONE wanted a sidekick back then. Sad story: I didn’t know how to insert the SIM chip into the phone. I jammed it and messed the phone up. It was the worst thing that could’ve happened to me. Obviously I could’ve gotten the phone fixed, but I was young… and dumb. I ended up selling it “as is.” I mean… I could’ve had a Sidekick… I was so close. But it just wasn’t in my destiny… *sigh.

Next I got a cherry-red Blackberry. It was another must-have. If you were a fashionable girl in the mid-late 2000’s you had to have a blackberry or a Motorola Razor. I passed on the Motorola Razor though. High five to those who had one. That phone was IT.

For the next few years I went from having cheap cell phones to no cell phone at all (Talk about being up one day and down the next lol) Eventually I got an Android in 2013. I heard all the buzz around the iPhone though. I kept asking what was so “cool” about an iPhone and no one could really tell me. So I stuck with my Android.

Until one day I finally decided to try the iPhone 6PLUS out for myself.

I never went back.

I don’t know if you can explain why a phone is cool. It just is. Every detail about it is easy, sleek, vibrant.

Eventually In 2017 I upgraded my iPhone 6 to the iPhone 8PLUS. It was such a beautiful shiny rose gold phone. I remember staring at it that first night in my room in awe. I stayed with that phone for 4 years. 4 loyal years. I saw people get the new upgraded iPhone every year, but I kept my phone year after year.

Until recently. I decided it was TIME.

I needed a reliable phone for work, and well…I kind of also wanted it, who are we kidding ha-ha.

It didn’t hurt that I got it for $600 instead of the original $1,200. T-mobile (my long time cell phone service provider) took in my iPhone 8Plus as a “trade in” for $600. Not a bad deal. I know some might think T-mobile is expensive but for all the years I’ve had them, and in the area I live, I never get dropped calls, and they always come through for me. When it comes to work, I like knowing they have my back.

HA-HA this probably sounds like a commercial by now, but I swear no one is paying me to blab any of is (SADLY LOL.)

Anyway, I got the iPhone 12 PRO MAX and I’m giddy like a child. I treat it like my baby and carefully place it where it wont get hurt. I picked the color black (for work) but its more of a black / silver shade. Its beautiful and the sides are chrome glass which just perfects it. It has a heavy feel to it which I love – it feels sturdy, well made. There is no “home” button, but I got the hang of that really fast – You just swipe from the bottom up. Also to screenshot a picture you press the “power” button and the “volume up” together.

The inner workings of this new phone are a dream. There are so many extras, and it really makes the experience of using this phone enjoyable. Funny how a phone can make you so happy.

I’m also thrilled that the new phone number I was given is so easy – I remembered it the same day they gave it to me. I finally got a phone number I absolutely love.

There is more to say but Ill leave it here until tomorrow.

And yes, Ill be writing daily from now on.

Let me know what Phone you had growing up, and what that was like. Leave a comment or subscribe to my e-mail newsletter list.

Thanks for reading,


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