Life update

I have a few things to update you guys on. First, thank you to everyone who asked about my mom recently and sent me DMs asking how she’s doing.

Apparently it was the Cabbage juice that had her feeling heart attack like symptoms. She was drinking the juice daily to heal her gut issues but it caused a lot of internal air upwards giving her all the classic heart attack symptoms. The holistic Doctor we saw told her to go off the cabbage juice and ever since then she’s been her normal healthy self again. We’re still going to get more Labs done for her and continue to see a holistic doctor to keep her health in tip top shape but she is much much better ! Thanks again for the love.

Some of you wanted to know what has happened since I posted the “why I’m celebrating Christmas this year” video. Well most of my Jehovah’s Witness friends unfollowed me … lol. That wasn’t a surprise though. As a former Jehovah’s Witness you know that if you leave, you’re automatically seen as “the devil.” They see you as someone who could take away their “everlasting life”. Or they think you’re very confused and that the “devil got you.” Either way, they can’t be seen with you anymore.

I know one day soon they’ll find out the same things I did but until then we can all go on living our lives peacefully. When that day comes I will welcome some of them back as friends but there’s a few I’ll most likely never be friends with again.

I obviously had a better outcome in speaking out than other ex-Jws. Most ex-Jws get bullied with hate comments when they leave. They get told the worst things you can possibly imagine. In my case it wasn’t that bad. I only had two people tell me how they hoped I would die in Armageddon and told me I deserved to be sexually assaulted. I won’t be friends with those two people ever again even when they realize the truth.

As a Jehovah’s Witness you are taught to be loving and joyful because “by this everyone will know you are my disciples if you love one another” but you are also taught to be hateful if for example, someone leaves because “we must hate what God hates.” So in a way it’s like this hate mechanism gets activated and it could be very fierce if you are seen as a traitor / Judas. I was lucky to have a different outcome from most ex-jws.

At the end of the day, I’m just trying to live my life. I’m not trying to hurt anyone. People have a right to leave something they feel isn’t for them anymore. I have a million reasons why I left but as I’ve said before I won’t discuss it. People will eventually find out.

What I will say is that as a Jehovah’s Witness I formed a personality, a very nice sweet happy type of personality to please God. There’s nothing wrong with being those things but the truth is I’m also a tough person. I’m a rebel. I question everything. I have opinions and I stand up for justice. I have been this way since I was a kid and defended my brothers from school bully’s (those are some funny stories lol.) I said I would be more authentic so I’ve been rebranding my IG page to show that other side of me. It was always there – I’ve always been tough. I just felt embarrassed to show that side of me because I thought it was “wrong.” I thought God didn’t like that.

I was taught to be very humble, meek and submissive. (None of us really followed through on being submissive though lol – not even elders wives.) And thank goodness ! Being submissive is actually very degrading. You’re essentially not a person, just a thing that nods and obeys. I don’t really know any women in any cult who really go through with this. It’s degrading and most refuse to be degraded in this form. There’s so much that was put in the Bible as coming “from God” when it really came from the men who rewrote it. Wescott & Hort, two known satanists, are responsible for so much of what was changed and revised. People would be shocked if they knew what they really did. Their names are on the first pages of almost every bible.

Anyway, Ive realized that it’s Ok to be me. It’s ok to stand up for justice. To have a voice, to have opinions and to fight for the greater good.

God meets you half way but you gotta help yourself first.

At this point it’s liberating to be myself. Some of us call the cops and others are born to be the cops. Some take a trial to court and others are born to be the attorney defending them in court. It’s clear to me who I am and I’ve been doing my job mostly in secret for a long time now. Maybe one day it won’t be a secret. Who knows… I might work at the White House one day.

I’ll end this blog post by saying that while people might be worried about what’s going on politically in the world right now … I’m not worried at all.

One. I’ve never been a “worrier”. Maybe that’s why people think I look younger for my age (I’m almost 35.) That and I don’t drink or go out in the sun and I take my vitamins. I don’t have a skin care routine… But I keep telling myself I’ll start on Vaseline and egg whites soon lol.

Anyway, it’s not like me to worry. Either there’s a solution or there isn’t. Period.

A lot of people on both sides seem lost right now. Confused. Worried. Even the ones who are very religious. They don’t seem to have all answers. Others want to feel happy and cheer for victory but aren’t completely confident about what’s ahead. The confidence seems low as a whole.

It feels weird to know what’s really going on while most of the world doesn’t. I cant say much unfortunately as this isn’t something people should know before it’s time ….but…. people’s jaws will drop to the ground soon. There’s a group of people who think things will go back to normal. Things are not going back to normal. It’s too late for that. The driver missed that exit 5 miles back. No one wants to go back to that type of normal anyway. People were asleep in that town.

Will things improve for our country and the world though ? Yes. Eventually. Nothing has been settled at this very moment and even when it gets settled the war won’t be over. It will be an on going process for a while. This is not something many will understand at this moment though. I’m more excited about the second phase of awakening this year though. People have been asleep to all the corruption going on for way too long.

We’ve been lied to about ….. everything. And I do mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. The discoveries people will make this year will be amusing to say the least.

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