The Best Memories Of Our Lives

Would you agree that it’s easier to remember bad situations or bad events that have happened to us? We seem to be kind of good at that.

But what if I asked you to remember the best memories of your life…what would they be? What do they look like? Are you able to recall the best memories of your life up until this point? Those memories that immediately put a smile to your face and warm you up inside…
This might be a little challenging for some. Simply because we are so much better at hanging on to the things that go wrong.
I believe though that remembering our best moments is a SKILL and it’s important to have this skill of remembering the best memories of our lives and letting go of the bad ones. This is important in order to keep a positive outlook on life.
|SO I’m gonna go through a few of the best memories of my life and share those with you.

I had a very difficult labor with my daughter Layla and we weren’t sure she was going to be ok. She wasn’t getting enough oxygen so they performed an emergency C section on me. For about a minute after she was born there was silence. I couldn’t see her and I didn’t know what was going on. I just knew all the doctors and assistants were doing what they could. I waited there not knowing what fate my life would have. Would I have a baby to hold and take home? Or would I be given bad news? Then suddenly…there it was – that high pitched cry coming from my newborn baby …She was alive. I cried tears of joy. My baby was OK. I was going to get to take her home. That moment was one of the best moments of my life.

I went to Puerto Rico in 2015. It was one of the most amazing trips of my whole life. It was the farthest I had ever traveled and it was also my first airplane ride. Once in Puerto rico, I went on an excursion tour to flamenco beach. We went on a white catamaran boat – me my friend and my brother with about 10 other tourists. There was Pitbull music playing on the speakers, sometimes Bob Marley, clear aqua colored waters, palm trees, green lush hills, white sand, scuba diving and catered buffet lunch on the boat. Let me tell you, I had never felt the way I did that day. I felt like I was dreaming. That just was not my regular life. I stopped when I was in the water to look around and thought “Pinch me.” I later found out that flamenco beach is considered one of the top 10 beaches in the world and I completely understand why. Years have passed by and I still cannot forget flamenco beach or the castle in San Juan Puerto Rico. I watched the sun set with my friend sitting on the grassy hill by the Castle overlooking the ocean. We watched the sun cast a gorgeous glow on the sparkling ocean . It was nothing short of magical. There is so much that can only be experienced in Puerto Rico to understand how amazing it is. I cannot wait to go back.

After my parents divorced in 2016 I decided to take my mom everywhere. I was determined to get her out of the house and excited about life again so for the next two years we went…everywhere. Those were some of the best times of our entire lives. In a way it’s a whirlwind in my mind because we did and saw and went everywhere. Places wed never gone to, things we’d never seen, food wed never ate – we did it all: San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Catalina Island, Cruise ships, Cabo San Lucas, Sea World, San Diego, Mexico, Las Vegas, Laguna beach, Beverly hills, Reno, Palm Springs, Oceanside, Santa Monica, Texas, ect. ect. The list goes on and also FYI my mom & daughter got used to this. Pretty quickly. Its kind of a problem now. My daughter can’t see a Hotel without wanting me to make a U-turn and check in.

Disneyland is also always in my list of best memories –The joy I get from seeing the big parade and eating Disney food is priceless. Seeing the performers dance and sing makes my heart so happy it could burst.

Concerts are also some of my most cherished memories. My first concert was a private Daniel Powter Concert. Some of you might know the song “Bad day.” It was released in 2005. Well I wanted tickets so bad but again it was a private exclusive concert that only about 100 people would get to see. I knew the Radio DJ though and she hooked me up with tickets. So now the hard part was asking my dad. He said no at first. But I didn’t take no for an answer. I kept trying to persuade him. Eventually he said “Do whatever you want.” So I did. I went to the concert. And it was the best experience of my life. I sat two rows from the front and got to take a picture with Daniel powter afterwards. Ive gone to many concerts since then and they are always some of the best memories of my life. It’s a level of happiness that I can’t even explain. Music is literally my oxygen.

I remember conversations with my mom as some of the best memories of my life. My mom is truly one of my best friends. There are times where we laugh so hard we cry and can’t stop laughing – I can tell you this : I don’t ugly cry but I will ugly laugh …For sure … hands down I will make some ugly faces when I laugh too hard. But I mean that’s just us. My mom and I ugly laugh really hard sometimes. – and no Im not gonna do the ugly laugh face for you guys. I don’t think you’re ready for that.

I beat two guys at fooseball back in 2009 and they shook my hand afterwards. That to me was the equivalent to winning the world Olympics.
You see these guys were giants, about 8 feet tall and they were known to be the best fooseball players in the whole building where I used to work.
I was new and I loved playing fooseball during my breaks. Someone came up to me after a while of watching me play and told me about these two guys. He said they were the best in the whole building and no one had ever beaten them.
A few days later those two guys came up to me at the fooseball table. They asked if I wanted to go up against them. I looked around and asked a girl I barely knew if she would be my fooseball partner. She was kind of shy but she said yes.

The game was ON.

It was one of the most intense fooseball games you could’ve ever seen. We were playing as if our lives depended on it. I could tell my fooseball partner regretted having said yes. The game was unbelievably intense. I did most of the work for her though. I just needed her to stay focused and not give up. I was sweating and the big guys were sweating too. but I kept making goal after goal until I won. When it was over I felt like falling on my knees. I was so exhausted. But before I knew it the guys came up to me and quietly shook my hand. Then they walked away. Im sure they went to go cry somewhere but I mean you know – Im kidding. Im kidding. They were fine. The fact that they shook my hand at the end was really cool though. Ill always remember that moment.

Meeting all of you guys is also one of my best memories. I will never forget this – everyone here, the stories shared, the laughs, the kindness and the fact that I’m able to do something now that I couldn’t do before which is public speaking – It’s pretty amazing. This definitely qualifies as one of my best memories that I’ll always take with me.

I want you all to think about what your best memories are…up until today. Make a list even if its short. And think about those good memories frequently. And if you don’t have too many good memories…Make them! And make lots of them! Be intentional about making good memories.

How exciting is it to know that we are still creating some of the best memories of our lives? Its happening! And its exciting! Gosh it almost feels like I should break out some champagne but when you think about it, having good memories is definitely something to celebrate. So here’s to all the best memories we’ve ever had and the ones that are about to happen to us!

Thank you.

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