What do I do for a living?

One of the most asked questions I’ve gotten on my Instagram is what I do.

Probably because I don’t exactly have a “dress code” and my OOTD’s for work are always a bit “out there”? lol. Honestly though it probably does look like we work for a fashion magazine in our office, But it is FAR, very far from a fashion magazine lol.

Im the General Manager and Co-Owner of a Semi-Truck repair company. My dad started it back in 1994. He retired and left to Ensenada Mexico four years ago.

My mom comes in for our management meetings once a week, but other than that she does what she loves which is to be home with her two granddaughters and I run the day to day operations of the business.

Our guys repair big semi-trucks either at our shop or on the side of the road. Our customers range from single truck owners to large fleet companies like Ikea, Dollar General, and many others. I would love to eventually secure an account with Target as well.

So you’re probably thinking, what does a girl who loves fashion know about Semi-Trucks?

Not much. I can follow a conversation with our Technicians but Its not exactly my “forte.”

Yet I have never been intimidated in the slightest. I am passionate about all things ‘business’, and that’s entirely different from knowing how to diagnose a truck. I believe  knowing ‘business’ is more about making good decisions. There are decisions to be made  every day that can impact a business tremendously.

Knowing how to handle customers, big accounts, and employees is completely different from knowing how to repair a Diesel Engine. And knowing those areas are crucial in driving a business forward. I always say, as long as we have Diesel Technicians I can do my job and they can do theirs. FYI I can go on and on talking about business and I usually do if you’re in the car driving with me but I’ll keep that talk short on this post.

I guess the idea of running a semi truck repair business never intimidated me because I grew up around it. My dad started the business when I was 10, and by the time I was 16, he was taking me with him to do road services. He thought it was important I learn the business. So much that he gave me a mechanics coverall to wear one day and  had me remove a semi truck tire by myself. I remember holding the air power impact torque wrench to remove the lug nuts from the semi truck wheel, handing my dad tools, and jumping on the service truck to turn on the compressor. My dad was never one to feel sorry for you and think there were limits to what you could do. He also didn’t stand around to make sure you did it “right.” He just expected me to know how to do it after telling me once. And I never said I couldn’t do it either. I just did it.

The way people looked at me when my dad and I stopped at a truck stop and I was still wearing my mechanics coverall…you would think I was Mickey Mouse at Disneyland. Everyone just looked so shocked and amused. Most likely because I was a 16 year old girl in a heavy duty mechanics coverall. Regardless, I have never seen so many people be so shocked and amused like that day. I guess there really isn’t many female mechanics out there!

At the age of 18 I worked in the office at the first shop my dad opened. Years later I worked in the parts inventory outside and got to know all the truck parts and ordered what we needed each week. At 24 I seriously considered becoming a mechanic. I just didn’t see why I couldn’t become one, and my brother at the time thought it would be so cool and encouraged me fully. However one of our Technicians thought it was a dangerous idea since we work with big semi-trucks and there’s a lot of heavy lifting required. I wasn’t about to grow huge muscles, so I desisted from the idea.

Of course initially I wanted to be a Fashion Designer but my dad said NO. time and time again it was a ‘no’ until I left it alone. He seemed to want me to either be a mechanic or a nurse. I definitely didn’t want to be a nurse. So the only way I could express my love for fashion was in the outfits I wore to work and to this day it amazes me that my dad never said anything about the things I put together and wore to work. Sometimes I think back on those outfits and cringe (I actually wore a tight lace camisole over a blouse one day and had no idea it was actually ‘night wear’. That one makes me double cringe) I wore the brightest colors, mixed things up, wore vintage, lots of layers, you name it. I did it. I had no shame in my fashion game. I just feel bad for my dad having to put up with that phase in my life haha.

I still and always will have a love for fashion just as I do for business. I mean who knows, maybe one day I’ll do something fashion-related. For now, its enough for me to dress everyone around me.

Running a Semi-truck repair company is just as fulfilling for me though. One, because It’s something my dad started up with his bare hands back in 1994. Two, because I happen to love business, and I love treating people right. I always want customers to be treated the way I would want to be treated, as well as our employees.

For me, running a company isn’t about me. Its about THEM-the customers, the employees and my family. I rarely think about me, or how people view me. I concentrate on everyone else because I’m not here for ‘me’. Like Jesus said in the bible, He came to serve and so should we. Something I never want to lose sight of is that when business is good, its thanks to Jehovah, not me or anyone else. We all do our best but in the end, its Jehovah who blesses us.

This company is full of genuine, happy, wonderful people who love their jobs, and I’m happy to see that we can create a good work environment for them. I think that’s what I love the most–seeing happy employees and happy customers. Its really nice to have brothers and sisters working for us too.

To summarize this long explanation of “what I do”: I run meetings, interviews, one on ones, do shop walk arounds, and make sure all bases are covered in all departments  when I’m not behind my computer. I also take care of our employees with any of their personal or health problems. I know I don’t have to and most places and people don’t, but It brings me joy to be able to help them out.

This is a very rewarding job, but it has also been one of the toughest jobs I’ve ever done and I want to be open about that. Its not all roses and sunshine. I only post a small fraction of my life on Instagram so it might be easy for some to think “Wow her life must be so easy..” But I’ve never posted what was really happening all these years. It’s the things you see on telenovelas. I remember driving home one day and thinking “why do I feel like im a character in a novela??” I couldn’t help noticing that everything I was going through was exactly the things of novelas. We have all the characters and all the scenes playing out. And I wished my life wasn’t like a novela but unfortunately you don’t have control over some things.

Working with family has not been easy, especially when your family members don’t share your same beliefs or values. I’ve experienced dealing with HUGE egos within our family, and one obstacle after another. I only stayed because I don’t know how to quit. I love my mom and the girls too much to quit and leave them in a bad place. The good thing is, we’ve recently made huge changes, and I really do feel Jehovah’s blessing.

So this is what I do. I run a Semi-Truck repair company. Most people have no idea when they see, and I don’t try telling them. After all, It’s not about me. Its about them







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