Hi and welcome to my blog

Just a short Introduction: I’ve been wanting to write a blog for a while now. I’ve always loved writing. I wanted to be a writer since I was in the second grade. I found myself fascinated by books and spent every free moment in the library corner of our classroom. I was usually the only kid there laying on the rug devouring book after book.

I even wrote a book when I was 8 and dreamed of being the youngest author alive. The book was just some note papers stapled together titled “Going grocery shopping with my mom.” I recall there was a page where I wrote about watching the Lion King movie and eating junk food. Those were the dreams of an 8 year old me haha.

When I was in high school I would write short love stories and ask my brothers to read them. I wanted to know if they were good. Days later they would ask me to finish writing what happened next. They needed to know. I thought it was hilarious. I was very flattered that even my brothers thought was writing was good.

I’ve been writing all my life. I have a whole case of journals from the time I was 13 to 22. I hope to make them into a book or two. They’re full of hilarious and interesting experiences. I have to say though… I really wish I would’ve documented the years after I was 22 because I think those have been even more hilarious and more interesting.

This Blog will be mostly short stories about my life.

I hope you enjoy my blog.




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